3rd and 4th Grade Programs

Grade 3  It’s A Maize-Ing!
Explore the early days of Madison’s agricultural past with this 90-minute interactive program.  Learn about hog drives and the importance of the hog industry including the meaning of ear notching.  Explore the history of corn and why it’s an important part of Indiana’s economy.  Enjoy a chocolate pudding experiment and learn about the area’s “dueling” starch factories and the multiple uses of corn starch.  We will also use the book, Lucky Year, which is based on local history.  This program is provided free of charge to county-wide third grade classes and is the perfect lead-in for Agricultural Day in the fall.  The book has a teacher guide that is downloadable as a PDF.  This program meets many state standards across the third grade curriculum.

Grade 4   Heritage Days
This county-wide program takes fourth graders on a journey through the past with visits to a variety of historical sites.  The History Center coordinates this program with partners like Historic Madison, Inc., and the Lanier Mansion State Historic Site.  Explore the History Center via an informational scavenger hunt and a tour of the restored 1894 depot.  Visit the Schroeder Saddletree Factory, Lanier Mansion, and other sites.  This program meets many state standards across the fourth grade curriculum.

Grade 4  The Railroad and the River
This program focuses on the rich history of the Ohio River and the railroad and how they helped develop the county as well as the state of Indiana.  This program was enhanced by a digitization grant in conjunction with the local library.  Many articles and historic photos will soon be available online.